Secret Life of a Homeschooler



I Heart Teachers Pay Teachers

One of my favourite teaching resource sites is Teachers Pay Teachers. (It's the one I turn to the most, after Twinkl.) I love searching for freebies, or buying cute top-up resources. TpT is an online marketplace, a bit like eBay but solely... Continue Reading →

100 Ways to Home Educate

We are structured homeschoolers, and have a gentle rhythm to our week. I plan our resources and subjects precisely but we fit our studies around our fixed activities, which include sports, Scouts, and Spanish class. We also have regular and ad-hoc homeschool... Continue Reading →

Pagan Educational Resources

As it's recently been Hallowe'en, and we have Celtic roots, I've been reminded of the relative scarcity of Pagan resources for structured educators. (Hallowe'en is loosely associated with Samhain, and Scottish guising has more resemblance to Pagan traditions than American trick-or-treating.) While we... Continue Reading →

Socialising is not socialisation. Socialising is where you hang out with acquaintance, old or new, and have fun. Socialisation is behaviour modification. Socialise [verb, without object]: "Mix socially with others." Socialisation [noun]: "The process whereby an individual learns to adjust... Continue Reading →

Best Free Resources for Homeschoolers

Are you new to homeschooling? Do you need free home education resources? This is a round up of some of the best freebies out there! Grow Your Own Potatoes The GYOP project was launched in 2005, and is still thriving today.... Continue Reading →

Painting with stencils, and visiting the pigs. (Alas, the cute new baby cow was fast asleep, and resembled a gently moving giant potato. The mommy cow was befittingly silent, and chilling out next to the calf. We tiptoed past.) However,... Continue Reading →

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